Know How You Can Delete Your Instagram Account

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Know How You Can Delete Your Instagram Account

Square photos and retro photos filters are not for everyone. And the Instagram’s ties to the Facebook may give the privacy conscious pause, so you’ve lots of reasons to say Instagram account bye. Here are some instructions given below.

If you are fed up with the Instagram account and want to leave it then visit > sign in > choose the name of your account in the upper corner > choose Edit profile.

On resulting page > scroll down > and then go for the link labeled ‘’I would like to delete this account’’. After that Instagram will ask the reason why do you want to delete it.

Choose your reason for deleting Instagram > enter password > press Permanently de-activate my account button.

Know How You Can Delete Your Instagram Account

Remember one thing that the Instagram does not have account de-activation feature like the Facebook where you can recover your account in upcoming time. Once you hit Red Button, your Instagram account and everything you have published will be removed permanently, and then you will not be able to recuperate your old Instagram account name. So think twice before you remove it. Let us know how’s your opinion about it below in the comment section.


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