Know How You Can Transfer your Photos from iPhone to iPad

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Transfer your Photos from iPhone to iPad

It’s always a fun to capture your loving moments in your iPhone. It’s a fact there are many folks who really don’t know how to get the best out of your iPhone. This time, I’ll raise a very simple issue which might or might not be easy for many. So, here’s a complete guide that how you can transfer your photos from iPhone to iPad.

Get Phone Transfer

Before going for anything, you must a Phone Transfer that’ll assist you in this process. Luckily, I’ve known a photo transfer designed for iOS devices. With ‘Phone Transfer’ you aren’t going to transfer photos only but also different multimedia formats.

  1. Download & install Phone Transfer

First off, you need to download and install Phone Transfer on your PC. A pop up will appear when you run it. Hit Start on ‘Phone to Phone Transfer’.

transfer your photos

  1. Hook up your iOS device to your PC

You’ll need a USB cable to hook up both iPhone and iPad to a same PC > the Phone Transfer will automatically identify their models once they are perfectly connected. You can see all the info of the both device right on your screen in a primary window. If you do not want to delete the photos in the iPad, then uncheck ‘’Clear Data Before Copy’’ box when you’re transferring images from iPhone.

Phone transfer for iOS devices

  1. Get your images from iPhone to iPad

Now, it’s important. Just recall what you’re transferring photos, messages, videos, music and other content. Now, uncheck those boxes which you don’t want to transfer. Start copy and you have successfully got photos from iPhone to iPad.

Phone transfer for iOS devices

Apart from photos, you can also transfer other content from iPhone to iPad. Please feel free and let us know how you look at this procedure in the comment section below.


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