iOS 7 Photo Tricks & Tips

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iOS 7 Photo Tricks & Tips

iPhone camera is known for its perfect pictures, the problem starts when you couldn’t get some nice shots and you got disappointed. Apple has introduced lots of new and innovative features in recently released iOS 7, comprising new version of the iPhoto that comes absolutely free with all new models of iPhones & iPads. Here we’ve come with some iOS 7 photo tricks and tips that’ll help you get good shots.

iOS 7 Photo Tricks & Tips

Photos, Albums, Shared

Now your photos are split into 3 different sections: Photos, Albums, and Shared. Photos take you into the moments etc, Albums break out some specific types of images like Photo stream, Camera Roll, Video, Panoramas, and any folder apps you have created.

Know where you took a picture

There is a Moments page in the photos tap where you will be able to see on the map when you took this picture and your location in the world as well.

See Photos

The Photo icon is observable when you launch the iPhoto. It is located on the bottom side of the navigation bar. When you tap it, you will see some thumbnail previews of your videos and photos.

Create a Photo Book

Launch the iPhoto. Choose Projects that are located on the bottom side of the navigation bar, tap ‘+’ symbol that is on the left side of the navigation bar and then select photo book.

It is up to you now that what kind of book you choose, 10 inch x 10 inch book or 8 inch x 8 inch book. You will also need to designate the theme: Travelogue, Picture Book, Square x Square or Portfilio. Once you have chosen all the preferences, tap on ‘’Create the Photo Book’’.

Share a Slideshow

You can now share a completed slideshow by simply tapping on the Share icon that you’ll find at the top of the navigation bar. Sharing locations comprise iTunes, iCloud, AirDrop, and Beam.


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