iOS 7 Creating Sluggishness In Your iPhone?

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iOS 7 Creating Sluggishness In Your iPhone

Some iPhone users who’ve installed and downloaded iOS 7 on their iPhone 4S, now have started facing some sluggishness on their Smartphones. Even some of them have shown their intentions for iOS 6 as this new operating system isn’t suitable for them.

Here we’ve a solution for you if you want to see your iPhone with the new operating system without creating any kind of sluggishness. Apple turned off the visual effects in the iOS 7 for iPhone 4. Users can now stop iOS 7 from testing data when comes to the 3rd party applications. All that you need to do is to go into the Settings > General > Background > select Background application refresh. Users are now able to make up for the decreased performance on iPhone 4 if you’ve enough free space on your device.

iOS 7 Creating Sluggishness In Your iPhone

Other methods can be adopted to make up the efficiency of iPhone. There’re some people who’ve  tried to reinstall from the scratch. If this procedure convinces you then you need to have enough space for this procedure.

If you want to restore the performance back to your iPhone, you should develop a system restore but do not put the data back onto your device. This must stop the burden on A4 processor on the iPhone 4, TidBITS editor said.

iPhone 4S has A5 processor and so it’ll be ok following the update, same would apply to iPhone 5. So if iPhone 4 performing slowly, you may follow the above-mentioned steps.


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