How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad

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How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad

The Apple is widely rumored to announce upcoming iPhone next week, and some of you might be interested to shell out for the latest model, especially if your old iOS device is acting slow, misbehaving and generally crashing. Hare are some ways to speed up an iPhone or iPad so that you can get rid of spending money on other upgrades.

Sure, you might not get the latest features of the iOS, and running through these unproductive steps will not make your device feel completely new; it’ll just keep it running for some time only. But if you are trying to save money and want to safe your apps from crashing then these tips could be a godsend.

Use Apple’s Built In Apps

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad

You might prefer Chrome to Safari, but the chances are Safari is going to run better on your device. Not only do the 3rd party apps update and slow down over the time, but lots of Apple apps have access to the system resources that the 3rd party apps don’t. So if your iDevice is starting to feel something nasty or sluggish, it might be  best to stop the use of the stock apps.

Free Up Some Storage

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad

If your iDevice is full of the data, it’s going to move a bit slowly and crash suddenly. We have talked about this before, but it bears resaying: Head over to the setting > General> usage & see how much space your iDevice has. If you’ve less than the 500MB or 1GB of the space left, you might need to uninstall some apps you do not use, remove music you do not listen to, or free up some of the space. You should also delete the old messages.

Remove Any Jailbreak Tweaks

How To Speed Up An iPhone Or iPad

That’s the biggie; if you are jailbroken then some of your tweaks are possibly the number one cause of your slowdowns. Whether you are customizing your home screen or installing handy new features, it could be time give them up. It’s a small or minor price to pay for iDevice that really runs smoothly.


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