Latest iOS Version With Passbook Facility

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Here you have a solution of your problem that how to install latest IOS version? Before start to introduce its version, let you know that it is an operating system launched for apple devices. Latest apple devices have capacity to stick this version like iPhone 3 GS, second generation iPad models and forth generation iPod touch and other latest models.

Latest Ios Version With Instructions

IOS 6 is its super version which has many advanced features with high quality of processing that brings you in the fastest world of technology. All IOS devices have different functions to operate as Siri works appropriately in it with great iCloud addition. It increases the speed of your device and makes your life easy to maintain your work reminders through its passbook facility. Commonly two ways are introduced to downloading and upgrading your device with IOS that are the iTuned way and the other one is open the air which based on Wi-Fi connection. For upgrading your device you have to follow someinstallation steps that are given below:

Steps to Install Latest IOS Version:

There are two processes to install latest IOS version, by the use of computer and the other one is over the air mean wireless procedure. For both methods you should have made a backup of your device before start installing, it prevents you to lose any important data. For the second procedure you need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection for successful or hurdle free installation of IOS 6. On the other side connect your device to PC and start installing.

  • Steps to Install through Computer:

A person having interest to install latest version of IOS through computer, see the given instructions below:

  1. Connect your device to PC then open iTunes setup
  2. You have to check out by yourself the latest updates using iTunes
  3. For this tap the button of updates
  4. Then it will show you the latest version of IOS
  5. Simply tap the required button “download only or download and update”
  6. After successful completion of IOS installation process, keep your device connect to computer until it will restart in proper way.
  • Steps to Install through Over the Air:
  1. Connect your device wirelessly and just go to the application store to see updates.
  2. Search for new updates regarding latest version of IOS in general settings.
  3. In software updates you will a see a message on display screen.
  4. Tap the button to download or install.
  5. Charge your battery full and need to have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  6. If possible then put device on charging mode.
  7. After complete installation of latest IOS versionyour device will restart.

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