How to Backup Your iPhone & iPad Data

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How to Backup Your iPhone & iPad Data

Smartphone and tablet devices have become factual hubs for all types of personal info, work files, photos, videos, music and so much more.

It’s impossible to know that how much your device means to you until it is gone. The Malware can render your iDevice useless, you might lose your device, it may get stolen, it might get damaged by an accident. In other words, anything can happen to your device. You must be thinking that how to back up your iPhone or iPad data.

The best defense is backing up your iDevice. We are going to go through 2 easy and quick ways of how to back up your iPhone or iPad data.

Wireless backup on your iDevice

To set up a wireless backup directly from the iDevice you will need an iCloud account. Once you have logged in to the iCloud make sure your iDevice is well connected through Wi-Fi and not a 3g ( you can’t use 3g to backup)

How to Backup Your iPhone & iPad Data

Next, just tap the settings > iCloud > backup & storage, turn on iCloud backup toggle, and then hit Back Up Now.

This may help you to create a manual backup of your iDevice at almost any time, also offer iCloud Backup turned on, whenever your iDevice connects to the Wi-Fi, it automatically syncs everything up.

Backing up using iTunes

You may backup your iDevice via iTunes, just connecting your tablet or device into the computer and then open the iTunes.

Using the iTunes, just click on the devices menu, choose your device and then scroll down into the summary section to the Backups. There, under Manually Restore and Back, click the Back Up Now.

How to Backup Your iPhone & iPad Data

You might also change the backup settings via this menu by simply selecting or deselecting the backup ways for your device.


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