How iOS Users will survive after Google Reader termination?

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Google Reader is a wide used Google content reading online application and service which works as an aggregator of reading and displaying news feeds. Google Reader launched on October 7, 2005 under Google Platform.

It became successful before the boost of social media sites like twitter, facebook and Google+, but in the recent few years, Google found it declining and hence decided to close it down. Google Reader platform decline and continues rejection by the users might have seen due to excessive use of social media and social sharing sites. According to the news Google Reader will be closed on July 1, 2013.


Google Readers has users worldwide. Now many iOS users will be worried who have been using Google Reader for many years. People use Google Reader on iPads and iPhones. Though, Google announced on Google Reader blog that they are also sad like thousands of users, but they insisted that they want to focus on fewer products to increase user experience and productivity.

As an iOS user, if you need a reliable and best quality RSS feeds and you must be looking for some Google Reader alternative. Google Reader users must be sad and worried about feed reading now.

People have been using Google Reader for years for news synchronization and reading. Certainly they are looking to find some alternative which support almost all desktop, tablet and Smart phones platforms.

Google Reader Alternative

There will be options available for iOS users to deal with their favorite feeds.  RSS readers and fans can switch to other options on their iPhones and iPad devices to continue reading their favorite news feeds.


Zite is a complete digital magazine owned by CNN now (acquired in 2011). Besides Zite’s own newsfeed option which can be chosen from the setting with the user’s interest in categories, Users  can also add their own topics in Zite. Newseed gives the look of the news updates. It provides the option to the users to hit like or dislike the article.



Flud is an amazing unique application which is available for iOS users. By using Flud, iOS users can follow articles which are being shared by other users.iOS users will find Flud’s interface interesting and comparatively better than Zite.



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