How can I Reduce The Background Motion On iOS 7

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How can I Reduce The Background Motion On iOS 7

Are you one of them who are cursing background motion on iOS 7? Many iPhone and iPad users pointing that problem as they aren’t very happy with this particular feature called Parallax. Here you are about to get a comprehensive solution how you can reduce this nasty feature.

When the Apple uncovered the iOS 7 during its WWDC back in the June, background motion feature was shown off which moves as your iPhone move. Then this feature got a name called Parallax, moves your iPhone’s background image & icons the way you hold your iPhone.

For those who aren’t happy with it, can easily reduce the background motion, Go to the settings – General – Accessibility. Choose the reduce motion from Accessibility Menu. That’s all you need to do if you’re facing a problem with it.

How can I Reduce The Background Motion On iOS 7

While the Apple called this feature Parallax, you will not find that particular term anywhere on the device. The backgrounds which move around nicely are labeled dynamic, while the process to turn off this Parallax is mentioned as ‘’reduce motion’’. Are you still with me?

As you can observe, Turning Off this feature won’t remove the all motion affects applied in the iOS 7, but it’ll reduce them. It may give you a little relief from fast motion.


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