Handy Tips to Save Your iPhone Battery

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tops to save iPhone batteryHow would you react when you had to make an urgent call or text but couldn’t do so because of the low battery life? Obviously, no one would like to experience this situation. It’s a very common problem that most of the smartphone users are dealing with. But now, we’ll try a bit to resolve this issue as it’s happened mostly due to the negligence in use. We bring you a handy guide that may help you boost your iPhone battery.

Turn On ‘Reduce Motion’

Reduce motion sickness

The iOS 7 brought a slew of new options but there’re some new features like Parallax causing headache as it makes the background moving when your iPhone or iPad is tilted. We haven’t come across anyone saying anything good about this feature. So, it’s far batter to get rid of this moving background. You need to go to the General > Accessibility > and then Enable the ‘Reduce Motion’.

Disable Location Detection

If there’s any valid cause on putting GPS ‘ON’, then we won’t ask you to turn it off. And if you put it ON just for nothing then we’ll better suggest you to get it down. Doing so could really give a boost to your iPhone’s battery. Go to the Setting > Privacy > Location Services and then disable it.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (when not in use)

You aren’t going to get a reward on keeping the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ‘ON’. It’s better to turn them off when not in use. Visit Control Center and give them a rest. This might also help you improve your phone’s battery.

Reduce the Screen Brightness

It’s one of the main things that you can do reducing your battery’s consumption. If you are interested in bumping up your handset’s battery life then there shouldn’t be any issue with reducing the brightness of the screen. Go to the Setting > Wallpaper & Brightness > Brightness.

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