Handy tips for Your iPhone Browser

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Handy tips for Your iPhone Browser

Safari is the one which Apple comprises with it’s iOS software, and perhaps it’s the one many of us use frequently, every click takes us to the safari as our default browser. Here are some handy tips for your iPhone browser.

If you are looking for things that can protect your privacy, you will need to turn-on the Do Not Track option in your mobile Safari and block cookies which are the bits of code that save your preferences on different sites you go.

Do Not Track is a particular feature which requires the collaboration of tracking software on the web. Go to Settings app > Tap on Safari > you will see Privacy and Security section which is located at the mid of the screen > Tap on Toggle Button, turn it ON. So you’ve enabled Do Not Track feature successfully.

Handy tips for Your iPhone Browser

If you want to block cookies, tap on Block Cookies > select block all the cookies (recommended), only from 3rd party advertisers and websites, or None at All > Tap Home Button. This is a way how you can block your cookies.

To enable Do Not Track in the Safari, open Settings and select Safari. Hit the toggle button located at the right side of Do Not Track. To block cookies in the Safari, choose Block Cookies in the settings and select either Always, or ‘’from 3rd advertisers and websites,’’ that’s my current setting. For more privacy enhancing options, scroll down to find two other options; Clear Data and Cookies, Clear History.

Scroll down the Safari’s settings to find two other privacy-enhancing options: Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data.


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