How to Get a Screenshot on Your iPad or iPhone

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know how you can get a screenshot right on your iPhone

Today, we bring you a how-to of getting screenshot on your iPad or iPhone. It sounds easy but not for those who haven’t done this before on their iOS devices. You aren’t going to follow a list of complicated steps. It’s a simple and easy-to-understand procedure that you’d be amazed how easy it is. Note; the process is same for the both iPhone and ipad.

Here’s how you do it;

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

When you have decided to take a screenshot, then you need to hold down the Power button located on the top of your iOS device and press the Home button at once. Your device’s display will respond with a flash confirming you’ve successfully taken your screenshot.

Ok, you’ve got your screenshot but now you don’t know where to find it. It is in your Photos app filed under the screenshots. There you’ll find your screenshot titled with date and time. Now, you can share your screenshots with your pals or anyone you want to share with. You can share it through email or other social networks.

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