Get Rid of Web Browsing History on iPad – Two Easy Ways

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Clear web browsing history on iPad

If you don’t know how to delete web browsing history on iPad or want to know? Then get your ears on our instruction that holds two ways of deleting history on iPad. It’s a very common issue that everyone would like to delete his/her history before giving its device to anyone.

  1. Using Safari

Launch Safari located at left bottom of the iPad screen. Click ‘’Bookmarks’’ icon placed at the top right side of the browser window.

Choose History Option. All pages will appear that you’ve visited with the classification of date and day, and there you’ll see ‘’Clear’’ option, hit it. There’ll be two options Cancel or Clear History, go or Clear History if you want to delete your browsing history. So, you have successfully cleared your history.

  1. Using Settings

Go to the Settings > Scroll down until you get an option for Safari, Hit it.

There’ll be an option for ‘’Clear History’’ right above the Data and Clear Cookies, click on it. You will be asked for the confirmation about what you are going to do. Hit Agree and then your web browsing history won’t be seen again.

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