Fix iPhone’s Bluetooth Connectivity Bug

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Now fix your iPhone Bluetooth connectivity bug by applying different ways which will resolve this prevailing problem on your jailbroken devices.If you are a user of jailbroken iDevices then you will have observed that when you want to connect your device to another one then it will create issues to make connections with it.

iPhone Bluetooth Connectivity issue solveThis problem will happen with jailbroken devices and not be seen in other without jailbreak iPhones so this is clear that those people who update their iPhone with the latest version of IOS 6.1.3 not have this issue anymore this is not the reason that this firmware is released to fix this bug whereas this reveals the fact the unbroken devices has no issue regarding their connectivity.

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This issue prevailed over many versions and seen about a long period of time but through this article you can get rid it over your device from this problem.

2 Way to Fix the Bluetooth Issue:

Although jailbreaking allow its users to download many useful and restricted apps from the Apple store and also capable people to use one SIM in different foreign countries along with these benefits. It chose to create problems in connecting devices to each other’s and sometimes failed to connect which irritated people to use jailbreaking iPhones but Fix your iPhone Bluetooth connectivity bug by viewing our basic strategies against this. See the below trick points to fix this issue:

There are two ways to solve this bug:

  1. Reinstalling Auxo
  2. Booting your iPhone

Reinstalling Auxo

Reinstalling AuxoIf you like to use the installation method then go to the Cydia and open its setting where you have to find the Auxo option. Once you find that simply click over it to uninstall and wait for a while to remove it from your iPhone’s setting.

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When this process will complete then again pursues this course and reinstalls it by clicking on its installing button. It will take some time then connect your device via Bluetooth after completing this program, hope this issue will not appear again and you will enjoy the connectivity without bugs.This shows that Auxo play a role behind this issue that will resolve after reinstalling it.

Boot your iPhone

The second way is for those users who don’t want to reinstall Auxo but want to fix this issue.

Booting your iPhoneTofix your iPhoneBluetooth connectivity bug boot your iPhone and watch the result. To follow this you have to press down the volume up key and it will reboot your iPhone and you will successfully fix this problem.

Both two ways are working well against this bug but you have to assess well your device and the reason behind the Bluetooth connectivity problem. If one will not work then you have another option to use and get enjoyed your peer connects iPhone fellows.

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