Bump Up iOS 7 Speed on Your Handset

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Bump Up iOS 7 Speed on Your Handset

The new iOS 7 upgrade for iPhone 4 is said to be decreasing the device’s speed. Though, one can easily disable some features in the iPhone, that’ll help iPhone 4 users to bump up iOS 7 speed on their handsets.

Here are some steps that’ll help increase the speed of your device.

Disable Parallax effect or Animations

For disabling Parallax effects on your iPhone, go to the Settings – General – Accessibility and then turn on Reduce Motion.

Turn Off Translucencies

It’ll stop your iPhone from drawing translucencies that takes a little bit of your iPhone’s processor power.

Go to the Settings – General – Accessibility and then turn on the Increase Contrast.

Disable iCloud

Go to the Settings – iCloud – and then turn off anything the user thinks she/he do not need in the backup.

Turn Off Background App Refresh

Go to the Settings – General – Background App Refresh and then Turn off.

Turn off Airdrop/Wi-FI/Bluetooth When not in your use

Control Center – Turn OFF Wi-Fi – Turn OFF Airdrop – Turn OFF Bluetooth.

Disable the  Automatic Updating

Stop the AppStore from updating apps automatically in the background.

Go to the Settings – iTunes & AppStore.

Turn Off Updates under the Automatic Downloads.

Remove Idle Apps

Home screen – tap & Hold On an application the user likes to remove, until they begin to wriggle.

Tap ‘’X’’ located in the corner of almost each application that needs to be eliminated.


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