Block Annoying iPhone Callers in iOS 6

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Block Annoying iPhone Callers in iOS 6

Many people are waiting for iOS 7 that you can easily block annoying iPhone callers but the arrival of iOS 7 seems in delay for some reasons. And until then, what you are going to do to avoid these annoying or unwanted iPhone callers.

Block Annoying iPhone Callers in iOS 6

There are some crazy people in the society who loves to tease others, they simply call in unknown numbers and get entertainment in worrying others. And you do not get a comprehensive solution that how can you block unwanted and annoying iPhone callers. We provide you a complete guidance that how these annoying calls can be avoided.

An anonymous clues reader advocates making a new contact.  The clue provider made ‘’Don’t Answer’’ a new contact. You might even select Loser McShutupington or Jerky Bonehead. It is up to you that which attracts you.

If you want to do, just go into contacts app, tap the (+) plus icon at the higher right, and make a new contact without any other information or details like the phone number.

Block Annoying iPhone Callers in iOS 6

Then, you get a call from annoying folks you do not want to talk with ever again, then add their numbers to the contact. Locate the number, you can get it in the Phone apps, recent tab > tap button which is located on the right. Then screen will show you, select your particular contact name, tap Add to the existing contact, and save.

Block Annoying iPhone Callers in iOS 6

The next time you will receive a call in from the NogoodniK, and then you can see your selected name and can know not to nuisances answering.  Commenters on the genuine hint offered a clever bonus: make a silent ringtone, and then allocate it to that contact.  If the GarageBand have installed on your iOS hardware, you can make a silent ringtone in the mere minutes.


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