7 Tricks to Increase iPhone Battery Life

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I know lower of battery is the biggest problem among iPhone users, even they complained too many times to increase iPhone battery life but this issue is unable to resolve. Have you any idea why this happen with your iPhone?

Think for a while; yes of course, every one look around its battery life either it has some problem or they have to replace it with new one.

That is not the real problem, there is no doubt sometimes battery has some issues and you need to replace it but along with it various other factors affect the timing of your device’s battery. Actually these phones consume enough energy to process its high quality functions and to run heavy apps. You need to know these factors to resolve this daily basis issue.

8 tricks to increase iphone battery life

Tricks to increase battery life:

It is the common problem of every iPhone user but have no idea how they can resolve or decrease the intensity of this issue. Here some tricks are discussed to increase iPhone battery life and make it alive for extra hours.

  1. Decrease brightness of Display:

Normally people pay no attention towards these tiny things but they have no idea how many cells reduce due to these things. Decrease the brightness of your iPhone and turn it on auto mode to control its functions according to light which saves the battery.

  1. Turn off built in GPS:

It is the facility given by iPhone developers to locate your site that where you are at this time. This is really amazing to track the ways but it should be off when you are at home or office when you not need this.

  1. Put your device on auto lock:

It is not as important but effective trick which increase the battery timing. When your phone is free then locks it first to avoid its irritability you can set the timing of your device by going to auto lock setting.

  1. Disable push emails:

When your device is remain in starting position and mailing setup always wait for new email then it eat the battery too fast so disable the emails service and open it after some time when you need it.

  1. Disconnect Wi-Fi connection:

No doubt Wi-Fi connections consume a lot of its energy because it will continuously remain on working mode and the best thing is that if you do not need to internet connection too often then disconnect it.

  1. Do not continuously on and off your iPhone:

Continuously turning off and on consumes the battery of iPhones, some users have habit to do that when they have nothing to do so avoiddoing that.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth:

It is the source to waist energy of your device when it is wirelessly connected to another device, if you want to save the iPhone battery then keep it off except need to use it. These tricks can help you to increase iPhone battery life of your device.

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