4 Best Features Of iOS 7

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4 Best Features Of iOS 7Close apps rapidly, Customize lock screen, make text easier, and swipe to access email options.

It does not take very long time to get used to the iOS’s new appearance. Many of the iOS 7’s new features are not so obvious, though. Here we’ve come with 4 best features of iOS 7.

Close Apps Rapidly

Shutting down applications is very simple in iOS 7 than ever. Double tapping Home Button shows some big thumbnails of open apps. Move freely between them simply swiping right and left. If you want to close an application, swipe it up. Shut different apps quickly by putting your finger on each app and swiping up.

Swipe To Access email Options

Tablets and phones are not noted for their complicated  email management features. The latest iOS 7 addresses this deficiency by making its email settings simpler and easier to reach.

For more Archive options, just swipe left on the message in your Inbox. Hit More to show a menu for forwarding, replying to, moving or marking the message.

Make Text Easier

Pinching out is a nice way to Zoom In to enlarge your view of images and texts. The latest iOS 7 gives two easy ways to expand On-Screen text. The first one is to press Setting – General – Accessibility – Larger Type & toggle on the Large Dynamic Type. After all this, use the slider control to adjust your desired font size.

Not all the applications support this feature, though. To enlarge On-Screen text, Toggle on ‘’Bold Text’’ option which appears below the Type setting.

Customize Lock Screen

The new iOS 7 expands some options that you can reach without unlocking your device. Swipe up to the Control Center. You can access the Control Center from any app or screen. If you want to disable this feature in the apps, Hit Settings – Control Center and then Toggle Off Access within the apps.


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