Zombie Virus Survival – A New Free iPhone Game to kill Pass Time

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Zombie Virus Survival for iPhone & iPad users

Hey game lovers! You’d be glad to know that there’s a new title has just been released by the HipSoft LLC. The Zombie Virus Survival is a fast-paced full of action game that brings you the true entertainment. It can be played on all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It’s not about assassinating zombies, the more important is to avoid yourself from being infected.

It’s very important to stay uninfected from the zombies virus. But suddenly, you have been diagnosed a virus in your veins, and you’re running for your life. Now, you’ve to eliminate this virus from your blood. So, the players need to crush green zombie’s virus cells in order to stay away from the virus. Note, the green zombie virus must be crushed before they reach to the bottom of the screen.

Zombie Virus Survival – A New Free iPhone Game

For me, it’s a good stuff to kill pass time as we soon get bored with the old titles. So, diversity is essential in our life that keeps our interest alive. Above all, you aren’t going to pay any single penny as it is absolutely free.

There isn’t any complex work or strategy required for this game, thanks to HipSoft who brings such a thrilling title for us to play. The storyline is simple that I’ve just mentioned above. So go and grab it for your leisure.

Download; (App Store Link)

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