The Walking Dead Season 2 smacks your iPhone

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New game for your iPhone

In the rise and fall of life, we soon get bored with the daily routines. So, what we should do to avoid the anxiety? Playing games isn’t a bad option that puts you aside from your tensions. Here’s a new game Walking Dead Season 2 that requires no high level skills to be played.

I think, there’s no need to tell more about it as many of us were anxiously waiting for this title. So, The Walking Dead Season 2 is ready to be a part of your leisures. Coming with the same storyline as we played in its forerunner but starts from where we were left.

iPhone game

The name of the game suggests its nature, the first impression that comes to our minds is that we are going to have a stuff in which zombies will be on our way to the mission.

You’ll find this version more interesting than those of the previous ones as it features new locations, the choices and survivors. You need to be very calm during the whole game play, where you lose your temperament the things will become worse for you. It requires perfect synchronization of strategy and action which is essential for mastering this game.

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