Veggie Hipster an iOS Game Makes Your Day

| August 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

Viggie Hipster 1

We by nature get bored sticking with the same ordinary things, so like to have more variations around. Bearing this in mind, we bring you a game Veggie Hipster designed to turn your boredom into a thrilling fun.

What’s catchy in the game?  It’s about vegetarians and game advocates them in funny way. All you need to avoid the hurdles which are in the form of chicken legs, hot dogs, bacon and hamburgers. Just press & hold the screen to move side-to-side avoiding the obstacles.

Veggie Hipster

It is an easy-to-play game that doesn’t involve any special skill. You get used to with the controls after spending some time and it’ll be difficult for you to say goodbye. First off, it may feel you a little easy but with the progression will get tricky.

Overall, it’s a good game to kill your idle time. It’s better to engage with something than sitting idle. So, give this game a little try and let us know about your views on that in the comment section given below.

Download Link  [Apple App Store]

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