Ultra-Fusion Of iPhone to Xbox 360

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Microsoft developed a device name as Xbox 360, it is a video game comfort and has multiple functionality and used for multi purposes. It stands in row with play station 3, and other latest devices. It developed for many programs like playing games, download games, Xbox live, to play music, TV shows and to watch movies.

iPhone Xbox360 Music and GamesYou can take any one of them through this device. iPhone Xbox 360 music is one of the feature of Xbox that you can use your iPhone as a remote control by connect it with Xbox .it can also support other applications for streaming use like ESPN and Netflix.

As you already read about the features of Xbox 360 multitasking which people prefer to use for playing 3D games and to watch different programs by making its connection to their large screen TV set. It is good to hear that you are interesting to make your iPhone Xbox 360 then you have to consider this article as a guide which describes information about iPhone connectivity to Xbox.

iphone Xbox 360

Things to Remember:

Keep in mind first that both devices (iPhone and Xbox) should be on one internet Wi-Fi connection and its speed should also be strong to stream and make connections with other devices having no error.

Open the application store on your iPhone and find out the link of Air Music. You have to download and install this application on your device but here you have to pay for this application through online procedure because it is not available free of cost. So you have to fill the basic information which required purchasing this app.

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Once you download and install it on your device then go to the menu to search this app and open it to scan your present library and wait for a while until its completion then tap the button to continue it.

Then tap the button to open it and turn it on. Meanwhile switch on the Xbox and press the power button to on it.

Xbox 360 musicFind the music way and tap music application, choose the option My Music Application and tap the button here of music player and select the option of Air Play.

Then here you will see the full music library of your iPhone and you have many options to play music on Xbox 360 with full volume to enjoy.

Don’t ever forget that you can play different games through online or DVDs  and the additional thing is that your music will run at the backside of your game just like the background music and no doubt by using iPhone Xbox 360 music you will enjoy a lot with your friends and family members.


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