Top iOS Games To Spice Up Your Idle Time

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top iOS games

Playing games probably is one of the things that we all do on our handsets. Some folks like to play racing stuff while few are interested in shooting titles. In other words, every person has a different taste and choice. So, here we’ve assorted some of the top iOS games that might grab your attention. Scroll down to know more about them.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush FrontiersThe Kingdom Rush Frontiers is not much different from its forerunner, the Kingdom Rush. But it isn’t that you’re going to miss anything instead the Kingdom Rush Frontiers brings you more fun. The tower-defense game combines new upgrades that you’ll be missing in Kingdom Rush. New weapons, freeze potions and new spells will keep you up for long hours.



If you are after some games that involve strategic and total mind-presence, then give Pivvot ($3) a little attention. Probably, it’s the one you were looking for. Anyhow, the newly-updated title brings more curiosity to the gameplay. With 30 different obstacles and 9 game modes, I am sure you’ll find this game awesome.

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns

Looking to play an RPG title? The Shadowrun Returns ($5) might help you relax your nerves. The tactical-combat game comprises everything needed to spice up one’s idle time. Engaging storyline and great visual effects are going to have you for long hours.

Walking Dead

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead from Telltale Inc is free game inspired by a famous TV series gives you a chance to survive yourself against the cruel zombie factions. You’ll find many who love to play with zombies. So it’s a godsend game that they can play in their pass time.


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