Top iOS Games December 2013

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top games December 2013

The new apps kept on coming throughout the year. But, we decide to assemble top iOS games of December 2013 that won’t let your leisures go astray. You’ll see the diversity in our roundup which is necessary for making everything attractive.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas an iPhone game

The best choice for young players to get a huge entertainment on their iPhones or iPads. The thrilling drama gains the heights of fun when you see yourself climbing mountains, driving cars, fighting with opponents and flying planes. There’re also tons of enchanting jobs that won’t let you put your iPhone or iPad aside.

Get ready to have a great amusement on your handsets that plunges you into the whole world, no matter where you are. Awesome music and bewitching storyline are enough to lessen your thirst for action.

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us developed by Teltale

It’s all about those characters with whom you’ve brought up, yeah I am talking about; Snow White, Big Bad Wolf and Tweedledum now can be seen playing with you. The whole new title puts the challengers into the 1980s.

Sushi Snake

snake puzzle game

It’s a good chance to check your skills that how much you are clever at gaming because Sushi Snake is going to give you a big tough time. You might take it easy for a while but gets difficult with the move of each level. The puzzle-looking game requires strategy for long game play.

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