Top iOS Games of April 2014

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Top iOS Games of April 2014

The new apps keep coming on the daily basis, so what April brought us? Here we have assorted the best titles that just have joined the App Store last month. Let’s have a peek at them as there might be your favorite one.

Hitman GO

Hitman GO

The name of the app looks a pretty catchy as you’re about to play a detective-like game. The Hitman is a turn-based strategy game that includes all the fun to spice up one’s leisure. Think twice before you make any move, I think that’s the key to success in the game. It’s all about patience and waiting for the right situation.


Yomi a card-based fighting game

Want to play a card-like game that can do even more? No worries, Yomi is a perfect title that fits accurately bringing enough fun to spice up your idle time. It’s a card-based fighting game that gives you a chance of playing with 10 characters.

Leo’s Fortune

Leo's Fortune

That’s biggie when it comes to unique game play. The Leo’s Fortune brings a whole-new concept in a different way. There’s ball like character with whom you get the tasty bytes of entertainment. The storyline is simple that puts the players in a task of finding the cunning thief that have stolen all of your gold. For me, it’s the best title when it comes to top iOS games last month.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

What about to help anyone? The Monument Valley is a new game that allows the player to guide a helpless princess to the right destination. The storyline is simple and easy to understand, no complex work is involved.  But you’ll need a little presence of your Mind. It’s like finding the way on a map. The game has enough diversity to keep the users bound for long hours.


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