Top iOS Board Game Apps

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Top iOS Board Game Apps

Want to get some iOS board game apps or looking for some nice board games? Then you are right at this place as we have compiled some nifty iOS board games for you.

Scrabble Free (Free)

iPhone , iPad

this helpful adaptation enhances some digital features into the combination. As well as being able to enjoy the people and computer on the same device, you can compete with your friends and random enemies over the Facebook whilst trash talking them using the built~in chat option. You can now scuffle your letters by simply shaking your device.

UNO & Friends (free)

iPhone, iPad

you can now play UNO whenever you want like without having to burden about dropping the cards. Nor will you’ve to sort out the people to enjoy against in the real life, as you can contribute in online multiplayer matches against random opponents and friends. With the leaderboards, special boosts and weekly contests, the digital version of this nifty card game is far more impressive than the original.

The Game of Life

iPhone (99c), iPad ($5.49)

The Game of life comprises all familiar bits of the board game like the spinning wheel, the car~shaped pieces and the folks pegs. The graphics of this nifty game are superb, though the user interface could be a little bit confusing to start with. You can play this nifty game against your friends (up to 5) and the computer simply using pass n’ play, but there is no multiplayer mode online.


iPhone ($1.99), iPad (2.99)

The Boggle has you contesting against the clock to make as many words as you can simply by tracing them out on your touch screen. There’re 3 different kind of game modes, unlockable attainments and a feature to play enemies online simply using the built~in gaming network. Jumping for the paid version is well known it, given 3 version peppers you with the pop~up ads every ten seconds.

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