Top Funny iPhone Games Up To Now – Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Have you got tired of playing the same ordinary stuff over and over again? If so, we’ve compiled some top funny iPhone games that might do a little problem, as you need to play them at a place where other folks can’t see you doing so, because of the weird content. Let’s have a peek at them:

Fart Cat

Fart Cat  new iphone game

The name of the app sounds little weird, but will allow you to have a great leisures. Why, I suggest you not to play it in the public as the sound of farts could be irritating for others. Overall, it’s a funny title that you haven’t played before.

Our Two Bedroom Story

Our Two Bedroom Story a best choice for valentine's day.

Enjoy the flirtatious dialogue and romantic storyline that evokes your romance abilities. The unique game play lets the users enjoy their idle times. It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t possess any romantic wits. So, it could be anyone’s favorite.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep 1

Hector- Badge of Carnage Ep 1 greater fun for your iPhone

You must have heard the typical phrase written on medicines ‘’Please keep it away from children’’. The same phrase I suggest you with this game as it contains a content that shouldn’t be accessed by the children. Anyhow, the sophisticated title has enough alluring to grab other’s attention. This is one of the best chums on Valentine’s day that can make your day awesome.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Hector- Badge of Carnage Ep 1 for greater fun

The app doesn’t own aforementioned fart sound and romantic content, but a different storyline. The point & click adventure features a smutty sort of humor, which also shouldn’t be played in the public. Wrap your hands around this hilarious game to make your whole day grand.


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