Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

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Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

Every month, we look back at all the iPad and iPhone games that have come in that very month and pick out some of the best for you. This month we’ve collected top 5 iOS games of august 2013.

Rymdkapsel ( iPhone/iPad)

The Rymdkapsel is an RTS that has been exposed due its simplest essentials. It’s just about commanding the faceless units, building indistinct rooms and harvesting resources.

Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

But with all fat from typical strategy game cut out here, you are left to get on with the fun stuff; boosting the efficiency of workers, juggling projects, and continually extending the range of your operation.

Pivvot ( iPhone/iPad)

You spin a ball that is attached to a long curving path. The idea is to dodge different obstacles and spikes that line the boundaries of the road.

Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

When you get the zone > dodge all traps > and hear a specific music that is an electronic anthem, it sounds good, man.

Knightmare Tower ( iPhone/iPad)

The Knightmare Tower is a Doodle Jump combined with the wanton killing of fantasy critters.  As your tiny bow legged knight climbs to the climax of a large fortress, he will bounce on the heads of opponents who randomly pop up from the bottom side of the screen like the bananas and apples in the Fruit Ninja.

Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

It’s fast & furious little time sink, but the obsession does not kick in until you visit in-game shop. Chasing the upcoming power up will keep you entertained and rapt until you have saved every princess.

Kid Tripp ( iPhone/iPad)

Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

The Kid Tripp’s colorful and blocky graphics remind you the old school days. The game is perfectly suited to the touchscreen and puts you in a ruthless challenge. It’s do or die situation that you’re going to face in this nifty game.

4 Thrones ( iPhone/iPad)

If you have ever been stuck in the caravan on a rainy day, you will know that the solitaire is a good time waster.

Top 5 iOS Games Of August 2013

4 Thrones is a sharp spin on the card stacker type which makes it work much easier on mobile and reduces a whole ordeal to about 3 minutes. Best for killing time while you’re microwaving a fudge.


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