Top 5 Free Games for iPhone

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Top 5 Free Games for iPhone

What about getting some cool stuff absolutely free? Yeah! It’s not a joke. Now, you are on a way to get some free games for your iPhone. So, get hooked up with our latest move on the top free games for iPhone, that includes some of the best titles for your idle times.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Arcade racing game

The Aspharlt 8: Airborne developed by Gameloft lets you enjoy great racing experience. Get involved with the thrilling sound of sporty cars. Select your ride and get lost on the fascinating tracks. It could be a treasure for those  who love drifting and want it to be seen on their handsets. For me, it’s a best choice to spend idle time through electrifying race courses.

Hero Academy

Hero Academy best option for your pass times

You see most of the games coming from developers that employ code, but this time, you aren’t far away from an addictive title that provokes your inner child who resists against its parents for long game plays. The chess based game features some fantasy characters, that add more drama and entertainment to this title. It’s a decent package to pass your free time.


Letterpress a best stuff to play

It’s a challenge to all bookworms, who think they’ve no match in the world in solving puzzles. I am sure, this game is going to leave a big grin on their face during the whole game play. The shrewd title doesn’t allow you to track a specific sequence or formula that usually collapses your interest. It’s a perfect word game available in the App Store.

Jetpack Joyride

A great stuff to enjoy your handset

It’s a time to take a deep flight. Are you guys ready for this adventure? The Jetpack helps you relax from all day long stress. The endless fun never stops as you got to shoot your opponents on the ground, that in return helps you maintain your flight.

Real Racing 3

Real entertainment

We’ve described a racing game above, but the huge inclination of users towards racing stuff compelled us to cover another one. Asphalt 8 mainly aims at arcade racing, while in Real Racing 3, you find a smooth way of drive, focusing on the goal.


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