Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

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Every fresh month, a collection of the latest games at Apple AppStore are freeing for game lovers. In May, various types of iPhone games, from the racing games to the classical, the unicorn and others available to soothe your mind and make you stress free.  It’s time to have a note of prominent and new apps For iOS device to make players more delight and heighten developers by the appraising their iPhone GDT ( Game Development task).


Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

A comprehensive package of interesting physics based puzzles, Mittens gives an awesome  experience as it comes with unique gameplay. Fly via air, swing on trapeszes, glide across the buildings and there are lots of activities can be seen in this game by using dozens of objects. It’s all about the Mitten’s dream girl and he has to impress his girlfriend. You have to be careful from the dangerous characters and tricky traps.

Angry Birds Friend

Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

Angry birds Friends is one of the best games of all, but it is not a new game. One thing about this game which attracts me that you can play this nifty game on Facebook against your Facebook friends. Moreover, playing this nifty game, you can send gifts, and can also invite your Facebook friends & many more.

The Other Brothers

Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

You are going to enjoy a combination of classic and non linear environment in this attractive game. When you are playing this awesome game, you have to run, jump, and  race against the clock in a modern way. And do not forget to collect the bonuses scattered on your way.  So prepare yourself for this adventurous game.

Heads Up!

Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

You can play this hilarious game with your friends at the same time with great ease. In this game you are going to draw cards by tilting your iPhone. Video of the game can also be shared on social websites. Enjoy the new fun which has been kept in this game.

Fast and Furious 6 The Game

Top 5 Attacking iPhone Games of 2013

Fast and furious 6 the game is basically a racing game, especially for boys as they love to play that kind of stuff because it includes more curiosity and you are not going to get your hands off form iPhones. It’s all about passion that requires some awesome gameplay. Enjoy new vehicles and graphics which have been introduced in this nifty game.

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