Top 4 iOS Games to Supercharge Your Idle Time

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Looking for some interesting games to avoid your boredom? You’re at right place where you’ll get some of the best iOS games realeased last month. We’ve assorted top 4 iOS games that give you a real entertainment in your pass time. Let’s find what’s new in this list.

Table Tennis Touch

Table Tennis Touch

If you’re after some games that require no complex work and sound easy to mind. The Yakuto’s Table Tennis Touch ($4) is one of them. Easy game play makes it the best deal for your idle time. Here’s a description from its developer;

’We also love games with awesome arenas, epic career modes and insane mini-games – so we made Table Tennis Touch, the most advanced table tennis game on the App Store.’’

Bridge Constructor Medieval

Bridge Constructor Medieval

The app’s name itself describes the story line. All you need to build sturdy bridges across the areas where they are required. Sometime, you advertently make feeble bridges in order to defeat attacking troops. There’re total 5 materials that’ll be available such as stone, wood, ropes and heavy wood. First, it may feel you a little difficult but will get easy after multiple game plays.

Frontline: Road to Moscow

Frontline - Road to Moscow

The Slitherine’s Frontline: Road to Moscow ($3) puts the users into a task of commanding their forces  to get a control over Russia. You’re back in 1941, time to plan the comprehensive strategies to invade the territory of the Soviet heartlands. The energetic gameplay is surely going to have you for long hours.



Here’s another title that involves bridge construction but in a different style. This time, you’re not gonna use the materials like wood, stones, ropes or any other like this. It’s the people that connect with each other to find a way out. They are lost and want someone that can lead them to the right direction. It’s a simple gameplay with stunning visual effects.


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