Top 3 Superlative iPhone & iPad Games Of July 2013

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Top 3 Superlative iPhone & iPad Games Of July 2013

Every month, we want to look back at all the iPhone & iPad games which have come out in the last four weeks and take out the best of the bunch.

For those who are in the UK, July’s weather has been incredibly varied. Scorching sunshine turns into the torrential downpours, that also turns into the muggy heat, and into the thunderous hailstorms. All in the one afternoon.

The Same kind of stuff goes for iOS games in the July.

This month, we have played some massive games and some small indie makings. We have had a blow at the recycled console ports, and got brand~new experiences.

 But now we’re giving you a chance to get some of the best iPhone & iPad games of the July 2013.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Thanks to Eidos-Montréa and N~Fusion, for iPhone and iPad, you can enjoy the game loud with brutal and grenades melee executions. Or you can enjoy crawly and quietly through the millions of the vents in the upcoming time ‘Panama’.

Top 3 Superlative iPhone & iPad Games Of July 2013

There is also choice being involved in how you discover the world, talk to the characters, get on the missions, and enlarge your body with the bionic improvements. The only one decision you do not need to set is whether or not get up this nifty game. Get it now.

Tiny Thief

With the tiny Thief, 5 Ants gets the illogical puzzle~solving brilliance of the retro point~and~click adventure and jams it  ~ successfully ~ into the cute side~scroller.

Top 3 Superlative iPhone & iPad Games Of July 2013

So, you take all the fun by simply using things on the things that they should not be used on, but in the short, sharp mobile~friendly bursts.

The top bit? The detailed cross~section backdrops which fill up the iPad screen. Sainting up at these sights as you plot to snip a cake, tweak a wig, or rob a treasure map is an absolute treat.

Riptide GP 2

In the Riptide GP 2, the roads are as random as your rivals. That is perhaps because the passages are slopping, fluctuating the great  bodies of water. They turn into the damp slush in the wake of the other riders, and create  some slopes in the oddest locations.

Top 3 Superlative iPhone & iPad Games Of July 2013

That is what creates flying around the Riptide GP 2’s different paths so much fun. Not to remark acting a sequence of the daring gravity~defying stunts to get more boost juice.

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