Top 3 RPG Games For iPhone Users

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If you are in a search of playing some thrilling RPG titles right on your handset, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. Here we’ve compiled some of the best RPG games for iPhone users. Let’s have a peek at them.

Shattered Planet

Shattered Planet

It’s a survival role playing game set on the alien worlds. All you need to battle with aliens and get crazy loot. Explore new galaxies and you need to be careful as anything can go wrong. On your way you’ll encounter lots of monsters and travel through multiple islands. In the game, you don’t get the same levels instead you see different a level every time you play. There’re periodic upgrades that comprise new monsters, events, or items.



It’s a classic RPG that was first debuted in 1994 meaning there must something catchy in the game that makes it still alive. It includes Ultima Weapon, a powerful sword that has been added first time in this series.

Here’re some of the major highlights mentioned at App Store;

• Game data saved with iCloud can now be shared across devices! At home or away, on your iPhone or iPad, pick the play style that’s best for you.

• This smartphone release includes the new magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.

• Some events have been optimized to be played with user-friendly touch controls.

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier

It’s a wildly famous mobile RPG that turns your boredom into a fun. It comprises lots of party members, loot, multiplayer raids and arena battles spicing up your whole day. Your ultimate goal is to defeat the Maxwell a fallen god. RPG fans will be enjoying this title if they haven’t yet made their way down to Brave Frontier.

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