Top 3 iOS Games September 2013

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Top 3 iOS Games September 2013

At the end of every month, we collect some of the best iOS games which have come in this very month. So now we stand with top 3 iOS games of September 2013.

Infinity Blade III

Top 3 iOS Games September 2013

That’s what I wanna show you all, the experience I gained from playing this game is awesome and want to you all to play this nifty game. The storyline is eye catching and you’ll feel great after playing that kind of stuff. Perfect graphics with enchanting sound effects throw a very jaunty picture to your mood. Incredible fights with mind-blowing visuals make you speechless. Are you still here in this world?

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Top 3 iOS Games September 2013

You are gonna love it as this game offers great levels to play with improved graphics and sound effects. The Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a destructive physics puzzler and indeed gives great fun, the sound is awesome and make you feel like you are in a bird war. For those who want to refresh their mind by playing games on their handsets. Lets have a look what you are gonna see new in this version; enjoy underwater stages, an opportunity to play as a pig and ability to make a tag team with lots of different characters.

Call of Duty; Strike Team

Top 3 iOS Games September 2013

As it’s name suggests, it’s all about fighting and shooting, you have to command your troops nicely. The start of the game may feel you easy but gradually it will become worse. It does so the beginners can track the gameplay easily and after that the difficult gameplay is available for them. You got to be very careful in commanding your troops otherwise your troops could be in danger. Everything about this game is superb and easy to understand. So enjoy the great fun that has been concealed in this game.


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