Top 3 iOS Games October 2013

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Top 3 iOS Games October 2013

It is our top priority to bring some innovative stuff for you after the end of the month. This time we’ve come with top 3 iOS games that’ll really take you beyond the limits of action.


Top 3 iOS Games October 2013

kami developed by the State of Play is a puzzle game coming with lots of new ideas that’ll really enhance your gaming experience. The strategy game is made from lots of cut pieces of the paper which rustle and fold as you swap their colour. When you sort out the solution, the stage folds in like an origami.

Transport Tycoon

Top 3 iOS Games October 2013

When you see some city builders which are viewed from an isometric point of view, you would love to play that sort of stuff.  It is a classic and credit goes to its developers who made such a superb stuff.


Empire is an endless strategy game. You’ll suddenly die, this ruined earth gobbles up all the land, and lets see how long you can survive before this ruined earth eats your empire.

Top 3 iOS Games October 2013

Thanks to Crazy Monkey Studios who keeps the things fresh and alive here, and stops the civilization inspired strategy game from feeling bored in the end of the game. So don’t waste your time playing this game.


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