Stupid Stones Makes its Way Down to App Store

| April 7, 2014 | 0 Comments

Here comes a new title for your leisure, the Stupid Stones an iOS game is now available at App Store for free. It isn’t restricted to iPhone only but can be played on iPod and iPad. It is a very addicting game that might feel you similar to the Space Invaders. All you need to shoot the blocks, the more you shoot the more score you get.

It could be easy at the start but will get complex with the every upcoming level. Let me tell you one thing important that in fact keeps the user’s interest alive is its diversity. The game doesn’t require the same strategy to fall down any block instead different methods will be needed to play more.

Stupid Stones

The responsive controls and vibrant colors add more fun to Stupid Stones. Above all, the game is absolutely free of any cost. It’s a first title from the Halvarsson Games that did a good job bringing a unique game to us.

Stupid Stones iPhone game

The stupid Stones is an appropriate game from all perspectives and the best for our pass time. It’s better to play than sitting idle. How you look at this new game? Please let us know in the comment section given below and if you want more new titles for your iOS device, then stay tuned to us.

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