NightSky A Best Choice on iOS Devices

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NightSky best iOS game for leisure..

It seems like you want to enjoy something unique right on your iPhone. So, I’ve known about a title that can help you find real entertainment out of your iOS device. Really, I have played lots of games and the NightSky comes at the top of the list. The storyline is simple and easy to understand. It’s all about a mysterious sphere which you’ve to transport through different levels. Be careful obstacles are spread all over the way and you need to use them in your own favor.

NightSky a right choice for your iphone

The physics-based game comes with varied and thrilling worlds, each splits into different levels. There’s not any kind of enemies or shooting work is included, just keep this enigmatic sphere moving all the way. It’s a simple gameplay that doesn’t involve any violation. If you’re on your holiday or free at your home, then don’t let yourself go astray.


  • Unique Game Play
  • Universal Binary
  • 2D Platform and Puzzle Game
  • Enhanced 2D Physics Idea
  • Native support for iOS 5 & iOS 6
  • Different Game Modes ( Normal/Average/Difficult)
  • A bunch of new vehicles, each with exclusive controls and uses
  • Original captivating soundtrack by the renowned Chris Schlarb

Luckily, the NightSky is now available for free for a time being only. So, go and grab this opportunity of getting the best at no price.


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