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new iOS games

This time, we’re covering some of the best titles for you that’ll help you pass your leisures with playing good stuff. It’s better to engage your mind in different activities than sitting idle. These two titles are best  to play when you get bored with your surroundings. Let’s have a look at our new iOS games given below.

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade a new experience

The game enthusiasts will be happy to see this new title coming to their iPhones. The whole-new storyline catches the users’ interest greatly and keeps them bound to their iPhones. So get ready for true adventure that’s gonna high your nerves. The sound of swords invokes the heroic skills, which everyone wants to have. Moreover, the controls of this game are smooth and easy to understand. Killing opponents has never been so interesting before the Shadow Blade.

Baldur’s Gate II

new iOS game

It is a long awaited role playing game designed for iPad. For me, it’s godsend stuff that everyone should play. You’ll get a big grin on your face when it beats you with its shrewd  game play. Give it a try and find its worth. It’ll feel you a little difficult at first, but it’ll get easier after multiple game plays.


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