New Bunch of iOS Games: Stay Entertained

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New Bunch of iOS Games: Stay Entertained

It’s always a very difficult task to come up with a new bunch of iOS games as it requires speculations and time as well. So we’re doing same here. We have arranged some of the best titles ready to rock your device.


New Bunch of iOS Games: Stay Entertained

Darklings developed by MildMania manages to give a unique gameplay with charming artwork. It is highly gestured oriented stuff, allowing you to paint over your enemies and at the same time you have to catch the falling stars that might help you in gaining some supernatural powers. Each enemy has a particular symbol carrying in its horns, and you need to draw this very symbol to destroy this creature before reaching at middle of the screen. These defeated enemies then convert into the stars which are useful for the game players, collect them.

Steam Punks

New Bunch of iOS Games: Stay Entertained

If you’ve a desire for some old-fashioned gameplay, Steam Punks is now ready for you to play. Steam Punks comes with a simple and easy storyline which leads you through 16 bit levels, your task is to find the stolen machine owned by a professor. There are lots of things that create huge curiosity among the players. It’s better to play stuff like this than sitting idle.

Skulls of Shogun

New Bunch of iOS Games: Stay Entertained

Here is something interesting for you named ‘’Skulls of the Shogun’’ has been a huge success on Windows 8 and Windows phone before it made its final way to the iOS. It is a historical strategy-based game coming with zombies. The storyline is very amusing written with enthusiasm, but the true fun comes when Multiplayer Mode gets ON that allows up to four players.


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