Mushroom Wars Mini an iPhone Game For Game Lovers

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Mushroom Wars Mini an iPhone Game For Game Lovers

Violent fungi battle it out in the Mushroom Wars Mini on a tiny scale which’s mighty tough to the master. If you love to play some strategy games then Mushroom Wars Mini an iPhone game may please you. It won’t divert you from playing as it comprises some of the best storyline and features that you would really love.

Point & click strategy games are sometimes more usual of the PC than the smart device. But Mushroom Wars Mini sets everything on the iPhone’s screen in a strong fashion that’s simple to understand & master using a drag and click technique.

Mushroom Wars Mini an iPhone Game For Game Lovers

As innovative and new features open up through the first 9 levels there is an instructive hand that pops up to lead you along. These starting levels are hit back with the relative ease. But go into a full game (£1.49) and the tough level rapidly jumps up a notch.

The story of the game goes that a threatening force looms or threatens the Mushroom Kingdom. One the happy mushroom folk is now at war, and it is your duty to guide your army to conquer the properties including the defense tower & other and other tactical throttleholds in a capture the flag game.

You will need tolerance and wit in the equal measure. Often opening with the just one mushroom property to your own name you will need to let the mushroom men, or whatever they are called, vast in numbers before organizing them. It is likely to move them in the 25, 50, 75 or hundred percent portions, get neutral ground, and when the numbers are strong enough, then attack on the enemy strongholds.

Mushroom Wars Mini an iPhone Game For Game Lovers

Classically there are the key strongholds inside a level to get hold of, otherwise game over, while the others you will need to seize as highlighted by the crown above the each crucial building. And here capture the flag concept originates into the play. Let me know that how does this game touché you in the comment section below.

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