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top 5 iPhone games

We are always in a search of new titles that just have been released or updated with new features. So, this time, we have assorted some of the latest iOS games that might turn your boredom into a fun. Let’s find which grabs your attention.

Beyond Gravity

Beyond Gravity

The Qwiboo Ltd’s Beyond Gravity ($1) does exactly what it sounds like. You are in space now and need to jump in-between the planets to get the pickups as many as you can. Users can upgrade their character with lots of power-ups and upgrades. One thing you should be taking care of is you have to be in the right position to get those pickups lied in a curved shape. If you are fine at this, then you can beat it easily.

Transworld Endless Skater

Transworld Endless Skater

Have some instincts for outdoor skating in public places? If so, give this game a little consideration. The free gameplay might boost your skill and help you explore new ways of skating. The more you stay on your skate the more score you earn. Just try to get more points because if you have more points scored then you can add extra time to the clock. And this enhanced time makes sure your presence on the skate.

Blackwell 1: Legacy

Blackwell 1 - Legacy

This new game ($2) doesn’t include much of fight and play-work instead is full of dialogue. The point-n-click adventure comes from the studio that has introduced Gemini Rue and Shivah. If you are familiar with these two then can easily expect something big from this new game. It involves a bit of spiritual drama that puts users into a finding of dead folks how did they die.


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