Jolly Tumblewords iOS game That Creates Curiosity

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Jolly Tumblewords iOS game That Creates Curiosity

Tumblewords iOS game ($3) developed by Minicore Studios is a very entertaining game which won’t get you bored, as it is a mixed combination of Boggle/Scramble and Scrable, is perhaps the most nifty word game for iOS I’ve ever seen.

You can enjoy 5 different themes with attractive features and hand drawn illustrations and the developers are very keen to produce some new themes in the near future to enhance the attractiveness of this game. There are other many things of this nifty game which may amaze you.

Jolly Tumblewords iOS game That Creates Curiosity

It is so simple to play and easy to understand as it can be played by everyone. Each single player game of the Tumblewords consists of fifteen turns which is enough to enjoy the fun. Your aim is to gain higher scores by making more words on the board of the game in those fifteen turns.

When the fifteen turns are up, then your game is over, you can also see your score that you have made with few stats, like the longest word and highest scoring word.

Jolly Tumblewords iOS game That Creates Curiosity

No need to worry about the gameplay, just tap some letters that can form a word. You can knock adjacent letters, and remember that only vertical and horizontal, you have no option to move diagonally, like in Boggle or Scramble. If you have got a word which you want to play, then just tap word, and you cannot tap the same word again and again, this is the rule of the game.

There is a Scrabble like tray of 7 tiles under the board of untidy letters. You have an ability to switch any tile on the board, but this option is only valid for one turn you cannot do the same tile for every turn.

Jolly Tumblewords iOS game That Creates Curiosity

If you tap the same tile accidently, then no need to get worried about anything as it has a solution, Tap that particular tile to undo the move. So some strategies also can be adopted in using the tiles, it automatically produces in the players that how should they use their tiles after long game play.

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