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Latest iPhone games

As a matter of nature, we soon get exhausted with the things that we do daily. There’re some folks who somehow manage to find some time for playing games as doing so releases all of their stress. Keeping that in mind, we assorted some of the best and latest iPhone games for your pass time to kill boredom. Let’s have a peek at them.


Bounden iPhone game

The Game Oven’s Bounden ($4) is what you haven’t seen in mobile gaming. It’s a real stuff to make perfect moves while having dance with your spouse or anyone you think can go well. In the game, both of the players need to have a perfect chemistry while playing this game. It might seem you a little difficult at the start but will get used to after spending some time.

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The SXPD ($2) from Little Chicken Game Company is a perfect mixture of 3D combat racing and digital comic that turns your idle time into a real fun. Those who are after some unique gameplays, it is a chance for them to get their hands on the title they were looking for. With 6 characters, the action-packed chasing game knows how to bound players for long hours.

Frontline: Road to Moscow

Frontline Road to Moscow

The Slitherine’s Frontline: Road to Moscow ($3) puts the users into a task of commanding German Nazi army to defeat opponents. The strategy game has enough diversity that you won’t even think of whether you’re doing right or wrong. With 12 different battle scenarios, there’ll be no chance of leaving the game until you get through all of them. Overall, it’s a best strategy game that you can play in your pass time to kill boredom.


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