Interesting iOS Games For Zombie Lovers

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iOS games come with three zombie games Many people get bored with the daily routines and want to do something different that they like. It is good news for those who take interest in playing games. There are a lot of iOS games available but some people want to play zombie games. Zombie games are very famous because it contain horror and weird things which people want to see. Here are some interesting zombie games that are going to mention below.

Call of Mini Zombies

iOS Games For Zombie LoversIt is for all iOS devices, 106 MB & iOS 4.3 or later. There are so many Mini games available that all fixated on the Lego Mini figures but in this game you are going to become a hero which will provide you the realistic feelings. If you like the horror iOS games then it is the best to play.

iOS Games For kidsYou can support your character with a lot of weapons then move towards battle field & gather money for better equipments. You have to be very careful because there will  a lot of zombie hordes around you.

Zombie HQ

iOS Games for zombie playersIt is also for all iOS devices, 85 MB & iOS 4.3  or later powered by Fuse Powered inc. zombie HQ is a little bit different because it does not show cartoonish look. You have to go out for some missions with demarcated goals.

iOS Games for zombie playersThe graphics that have been used in this game are superb with fine controls which will feel you a real hero while playing. Usually, you have to collect money for the better equipments to improve your level score.

Into the Dead

 iOS games come with three zombie games Into the Dead is a unique game to play powered by Prodigy Design Limited and nice for all iOS devices, 37.2 MB & iOS 5.0 or later. I love this game very much because it is the best game out of these three. In this game you have to survive a helicopter crash, you are thrown into a dark field which is bounded by the zombies. You have only one option if you want to save your life then just run.

iOS games come with three zombie games You have seen many iOS games  but this is the best of them. In this you are not just running but have to destroy all hurdles which may cause you harm. You have to be very clever while playing because the zombie crowds will resist you too much.


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