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new iPhone games of the week

Looking for a new stuff to play? What if we bring you not one but three thrilling games for your leisure. We keep you posted with the titles that have just hit the App Store’s shelves. Let’s get into our weekly roundup of new iPhone games.

Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator

Have you ever wished to be surgeon? Now, it’s a time for you to do whatever you like. Really, no one is gonna ask you for a blunder that you make. Bob is always there to let you experiment anything you want. It’ll really make you feel proud when you have been called for eyeball operation. Lots of drama and fun waiting for you.

First Strike

First Strike Game

Oh my god! Is there any nuclear war going to be happened? That must be horrible for you in real life. But, virtually it’s now possible to have fun with nuclear striking, thanks to FEINHEIT GmbH for allowing the players to enjoy a different storyline. It might feel you like you’re navigating Google earth. It’s a strategy game the puts the players into task of demolishing everything that stops them expanding their territory.

Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork

Glorkian Warrior The Trials of Glork

That’s funny, you find a cartoony character to play. All you need to run through different levels and beware of those fireballs that are targeting you continually.  To master this game, you should be having four eyes instead of two, jest.


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