Hands-on With Latest iOS Games – Double the Fun at Weekend

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Best iOS Games Of The Week

What do you do in your idle time? If it is just sitting and thinking about anything else, then you are doing wrong to yourself as you can have fun on your iPhone or iPad. Today, we are up with some thrilling titles that will be jacking up your holidays. Let’s find what comes new in our roundup of latest iOS games.

80 Days

80 Days

Are you fond of going on adventures? If so, here’s an app that lets you explore the world in just 80 days like Phileas Fogg did in 1872. It is up to you how you go through your expedition; it could be done by using submarine, airship, steam-train and mechanical camel. Overall, it’s a good game from all perspectives and can turn your boredom into a thrilling fun.

Deep Loot

Deep Loot

It’s no more different from the 80 Days but engages players in a more funny way. Users need to fight, dig and swim through depths of ocean to find out hidden treasures and get more coins. They can spend the hoarded coins for getting bigger boats and upgrading the equipment. It’s a simple game that doesn’t involve anything complex.



If you are after fighting games, then Micromon is a perfect pick for you. Coming with 130+ animated monsters, players will surely be enjoying great fun. Here’re the product features mentioned at Apple App Store.

  • Over 130 monsters to capture & evolve!

  • Fully animated monsters and characters.

  • A vivid and massive world to explore.

  • An epic storyline with tons of quests to complete.

  • Challenge other tamers to become the best!

  • Customize monster skills to fit your own strategy.

  • Hours of addictive gameplay.

  • Universal app with Game Center Support.

  • Test your skills against real players in the online multiplayer arena!


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