Hands-on with C.T.R.L.i A New Game Controller for iPhone Users

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C.T.R.L.i A New Game Controller for iPhone Users

You’ll find lots of crazy game enthusiasts who love to play for unknown reasons. For them, we’ve something really special that’ll spice up their thrust for playing. Taking care of game lovers, Mad Catz releases C.T.R.L.i a new game controller for iPhone users to get both entertainment and coziness in a single package.

Playing on limited iPhone touchscreen causes lots of monotony, its’ really a hard thing to do. However, Mad Catz knows exactly what every gamer wants. Mostly, users get fooled by a physical appearance of any game controller that’s just a tact of doubling sales. They make things out of inferior material that goes for limited time only. Anyhow, It’s all-in-one device that tells you its worth when you wrap your hands around.

C.T.R.L.i A New Game Controller for iPhone Users..

It gets familiar with your iPhone easily and allows you to push instead of tapping on a touchscreen that something doesn’t do the exact job. All you need to do is simply attach this controller to your handset and get lost for long plays.

Though, it isn’t a right time to buy it as company is not launching it before April. The C.T.R.L.i is being taken as a prototype. It was just an announcement that had been made at Mobile World Congress in the Barcelona. We’ll keep you updated with every move on the release. So, stay in touch and let us know about your feedbacks in the comment section below.


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