Fox Tales: Rocket Run Offers Endless Fun

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The Fox Tales: Rocket Run is an amazing iPhone app designed to avoid your boredom when you don’t have anything to do with. All you need to avoid obstacles scattered on your way and ensure you’re not having any kind of rest while you’re playing this game. When you lose your focus, things will get worse and it would be difficult for you to survive.

It’s very addictive game that doesn’t involve any complex work. You need to get through different hurdles that could be in the form of spinning saws, blades and dodge birds. The more you go long the more points you earn.

Fox Tales - Rocket Run iPhone game

In the game, there’s a cute fox named Kizu is on its mission to collect coins while avoiding whirling sawblades and nasty birds. It’s a simple game play that both kids and adults could find it best in their idle time.

The game offers decent graphics and appealing music to keep the user’s interest alive till the end. For me, it’s the best entertainment that you can do on your iOS device.


  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Easy-to-understand controls
  • Gettable power-ups
  • Updateable rocket boost & weight system
  • Attractive tunes
  • Adorable cartoony graphics
  • See in-game where your friends have reached.
  • Online leaderboard & achievements

The Fox Tales: Rocket Run is now available for free at Apple App Store.

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