Fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone Game Brings Curiosity

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Fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone Game Brings Curiosity

The fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone game ($0.99) provides great entertainment to its users as they do not get tired after a long gameplay. This captivating game is developed by the HolosOne and is a side scrolling platform that comes with a lot of endless runner. You may find it similar to Temple Run or Robot Unicorn Attack.

All the drama of this game happens on the Holos Prime, a planet which is destroyed by war & populated by bitter tribes with only one mission ‘’survival’’. You must roll, jump, and make your way safe across an unsafe landscape, getting totems and gems along the way.

Fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone Game Brings Curiosity

You are going to play with a muscular character, a white skinned who looks like the Kratos from the God of war. It is the perfect combination of storyline and graphics that the players would love to play it again and again. This is very important for a player that he shows interest towards a game because of its uniqueness, but when we talk about the fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone Game then the one thing that comes to our minds ‘’ it is a wonderful game to play’’.

The best part of the game which attracts me that it allows you to choose your own music of choice in the background during the game play. And all background musics are very epic that it creates some heroic stuff in the players that they can play in a soothing environment.

Fascinating Tribal Quest iPhone Game Brings Curiosity

On each turn, you are going to accomplish different kinds of tasks and goals. Remember one thing during the game play that you should avoid lethal lava pits and blazing sun. If you complete your missions or tasks then you will be rewarded with glory.  The graphics of this captivating game are very solid, and gameplay or storyline is very addictive.

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