Dungeonism iPhone Game For Game Lovers

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Dungeonism iPhone Game For Game Lovers

The dungeons iPhone game is a very nifty that it would seem wants you to be of a particular age to enjoy. The graphics while crunchy seem to induce an Atari style which likely would not fly if you have been playing the 3D games most of your time.

Although, if you are sentimental for the Gauntlet of other RPGs action where working for the upcoming level up is the only aim you have, this could be right up your alley. That does confine the availability of this nifty game to a narrow audience, but it helps that the audience delightfully.

You generate and name your character and continue via levels collecting potions, arrows,  gold and of course precious XP.

Dungeonism iPhone Game For Game Lovers

The Dungeonism manages to divide its knowledge into bite sized hunks which fits the iPhone perfectly. This is the type of design choice that many non~casual developers on the iOS seem to forget.

Every game does not need to  be 2:00 minute score spell, but it is good to have something that you can informally play on in the line without annoying about the upcoming save point.

Dungeonism iPhone Game For Game Lovers

The dungeons iPhone game captures the arcade without disposability, you get determined characters. As you play you can renovate equipment for character, and do the type of customization left for the complex RPGs.

What’s Good: An awesome take on the arcade actions RPG which seems concentrated on the quick sessions. Art style has also a great retro feel.

What Sucks: Does not have broad appeal, focused squarely a particular audience.

Buy it: if you love Gauntlet or its ilk, then you should get this game. Dungeonism is only for $1.99 from the App Store.

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